Are We The Last Living Souls? (savenorthmdtown) wrote in reject_heaven,
Are We The Last Living Souls?


So you made it through the profile!
Im dre, your Co-MOD, along with Goldsavesthrice, Tanner.
The point of this community is to gather all different people.
No ones here to judge, and thats the beauty.

When you become a member, we will use the information on your
application to run a background check, to see if you truly have been
rejected from a community. As soon as it is checked, then you are a member. After that, you can post any topic you want, and have discussion with other members.

We hope there will be no fights and such, and if there are, well take care of them.

Another cool part of this community is, your interests are our interests, so with your application, write what your interests are, music, movies, art, sports, and anything like that. Well add that to our interest list and were going for the largest LJ interest list.
(dont put any drugs or achohol. If those are your interests then this is not a community for you.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and we hope you enjoy this community weve created.

Much Love,
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dre, you were accepted loser. kind of a conflict of intrest now eh?